C-4-105 - Radon Control Methods (CERTI-311 / NRPP 65)

Video based course designed to familiarize building code officials and radon mitigation approaches and aspects of Appendix F of the building code as it applies to radon resistant new construction.
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This program was videotaped as part of an ICC Chapter meeting where comments were provided from practicing building code officials. The program also provides input from code officials who have adopted Appendix F of the IRC with valuable insights into the experiences they have had with builders as well as their community.

There is approximately 4 hours of coursework, including video, publications, and online quizzes that are taken as you progress through the course (not timed and may be taken unlimited times).  There is no time limit for taking the course, and even after completion you continue to have access to the course in order to refer back to resources.

CERTI students also have access to business tools such as sample contracts, and warranties.  We are also available by phone during and after the course for any questions concerning the course or radon situations you come across on the job.

Course Includes:

  • Video
  • Course Manual
  • Online Quiz
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 4 Category 1 CE Credits


  • Download/Streaming - No course materials will be shipped - everything you need is available to access and download online.
  • Materials Shipped - This option includes shipment by U.S. Priority Mail in the continental U.S. of course materials which includes a binder with the course manual and a CD.  You also have access to all course materials online.  Cost - $10 


Monday, 12 November 2018
Susan said: Interesting!
Sunday, 30 September 2018
Edgar said: Doug Kladder presents the material in a professional and knowledgeable manner and provides credibility to the information provided. This course created interest by demonstrating what building code officials feel are important issues regarding radon mitigation.
Wednesday, 29 August 2018
John said: great class
Friday, 17 August 2018
Rodney said: Doug is a great speaker and holds your attention. This is a great re cert course. It was also interesting at the beginning how poorly some systems are installed. I imagine there are a lot that don't follow proper piping and venting requirements and basically discharge just outside the home.
Sunday, 01 July 2018
Alvin said: Learning of radon issues in other states
Monday, 09 April 2018
Brett said: Good information for the building departments. Good review of Mitigation standards!
Tuesday, 20 March 2018
Anita said: applicable to issues I deal with
Thursday, 15 March 2018
Robert said: user friendly
Thursday, 15 March 2018
Robert said: user friendly
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Travis said: I liked that It was ease to get to online.
Sunday, 25 February 2018
Stephen said: i enjoyed the speaker
Friday, 23 February 2018
John said: Nice refresher of the material. Always good quality materials.
Saturday, 03 February 2018
Robert said: Better understanding of Appendix F Expectations of building depts regarding radon system installation
Saturday, 20 January 2018
Robert said: It was on-point.
Friday, 08 December 2017
Winfield said: Ease of following
Sunday, 12 November 2017
Jamie said: Felt like I was at the class room setting.
Wednesday, 27 September 2017
Jose said: Easy to Take
Saturday, 23 September 2017
Arthur said: A great review for CE. I enjoyed the guest speakers and diversity of the course material.
Friday, 21 July 2017
Adam said: Good course
Thursday, 01 June 2017
David said: efficiency
Wednesday, 10 May 2017
Jim said: everyone was very good with presentation
Sunday, 23 April 2017
Austin said: Clear, consice
Wednesday, 29 March 2017
L. said: Good to review construction techniques and also see how NOT to construct systems.
Monday, 27 March 2017
Joseph said: Informative, relevant, easy to follow and use.
Friday, 17 March 2017
Stephen said: Excellent continuing ed course.
Tuesday, 14 March 2017
DAVID said: the course was easy to use.
Sunday, 05 March 2017
Trevar said: I enjoyed most the input from professionals in fields that deal with radon professionals
Thursday, 29 December 2016
Jennifer said: There was good information about Mitigation for Radon that I didn't know, as it is from CO and I am in IL
Sunday, 27 November 2016
Corey said: The information was very informative and a very good lecture.
Thursday, 27 October 2016
Jennifer said: I have been a radon measurement technician in the state of NJ for over 10 years and am pleased with the quality of this re-certification process.
Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Tim said: It had a lot of interesting examples! I think it is great as it is
Monday, 29 August 2016
Dana said: What I liked is that it applies what is important to radon mitigation & why, instead of concentrating on the type of testing materials. And what to look for in newer homes that have the passive systems installed & explain the why to the perspective new home owner.
Sunday, 28 August 2016
Don said: I enjoyed the convenience of the online course.
Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Mike said: Easy to operate within the course software.
Sunday, 31 July 2016
Roman said: The class was interactive and well designed. I enjoyed it!
Wednesday, 29 June 2016
Joseph said: Very Educational. Thanks for teaching me new things about Radon!
Tuesday, 07 June 2016
Dan said: The course was a great review of many radon items that I've learned but really forgot about or don't think of often
Sunday, 05 June 2016
Robert said: Very informative video
Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Sarah said: In depth discussions and and input from city officials were helpful
Monday, 30 May 2016
Michael said: Very interesting
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