New exam 200 x 143


Certification Exams are available in two formats.  For most of the U.S. (if a facility is close to you), the exams are available through a computer-based testing facility - PSI Testing Centers.  For areas in the U.S. that are not close to a PSI facility, exams are available directly through NRPP with the services of a Proctor.




Computer-Based Testing Procedure - PSI:

These exams are provided through PSI Lasergrade, which is a computer based testing facility.  You will need to find the facility closest to you, then schedule the exam directly through PSI.  

Paper and Pencil Testing Procedure:

These exams are paper and pencil and require the services of a proctor, which you can select for approval by NRPP.  The proctor would agree to have the exam sent directly to them by NRPP, they would be present while you take the exam, and then they would return the exam back to NRPP.