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  • National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)
    • All CERTI courses have been approved by NRPP after arduous development and review.  Because of this, state programs also accept our courses (the only exceptions are where state protocols differ from the national protocols or a preference for classroom only courses).   Please note that NRPP does not allow you to repeat courses.  

Note: your name, email address and an indication of passage of this course may be shared with national or state certification agencies for verification of completion.

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4 CE Credits

NRPP 56 bC-4-102 - Becoming Proficient with RadElec EPERM System (CERTI-306 / NRPP 56) - $55.00

This video based course is an essential resource for any radon professional that is currently using or considering the use of the EPERM System in their business. This course was produced in conjunction with Rad Elec for the purpose of providing EPERM users with a thorough training to obtain the most benefit from this versatile and convenient measurement system.


NRPP 60 1 aC-4-103 - Radon from a Physician's Perspective (CERTI-309 / NRPP 60) - $55.00

CERTI is proud to partner with the Center of Osteopathic Education and Research of the Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation to produce this unique course. This round-table discussion by radon subject matter experts and Doctors of Osteopathy contains mini-presentations by subject matter experts with questions asked from other panelists of a nature that are of interest to medical professionals as well as radon professionals and concerned citizens. Updated August 2012.

NRPP 62 bC-4-104 - Interviews with Radon Experts (CERTI-310 / NRPP 62) - $55.00

This audio-based home study course provides you with an easy-to-use format of recorded phone interviews with respected experts in the field providing valuable information and insight to the radon industry.

Workbook 2a 300 x 233C-4-109 - Workbook for AARST/NRPP Advanced Multi-Family Measurement Listing (CERTI-602)  - $75.00

This four hour course includes the Workbook (exam) for the AARST/NRPP Advanced Multi-Family Measurement Listing. A prerequisite to this course is either C-12-103 (CERTI-601) or C-16-106 (CERTI-315). After completion of either of those courses and this Workbook Course you are eligible to apply for the Advanced Multi-Family Measurement Listing with NRPP.

Standards and course requirements are updated regularly to reflect the most up-to-date requirements. 
NRPP has advised all NRPP education providers of the upcoming information:
There are Multifamily Course curriculum updates in development. Version 2 of the measurement certificate course is anticipated to be released later this fall. You may prefer to wait until the new courses are completed. When Version 2 courses are released, you will need to take the Version 2 course in order to be issued a Version 2 course completion certificate. 

C 324 picC-4-110 - Addressing Radon Decay Products - Another Tool in the Tool Box (CERTI-324 / C-NRPP 1011) - $55.00 

It is well known the mechanism by which radon exposure increases the potential of lung cancer is alpha release from the short-lived decay products of radon and the amount of these decay products available for respiration can vary due to air circulation rates, particulate levels, etc.  This course explores from a practical standpoint how radon decay products are measured and how RDP reduction can enhance soil gas remediation by reducing radon risks to very low levels.  This course was presented at the request of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists at its Annual Meeting in Banff, Alberta on April 23, 2017.  Although provided to a Canadian audience it has application for radon professionals around the world.

C 324 picC-4-112 - Radon Response for Schools and Commercial Buildings - $60.00  (CERTI-328)

A school has had a radon survey done and found elevated levels, now what? Is it time to start drilling holes and running pipe?  Or is a follow-up investigation warranted to identify specific causes and perhaps more cost-effective approaches?  Large buildings, especially those with complicated HVAC systems offer challenges that are not found in homes.  On the other hand, they can also offer solutions. This course walks the student through a process for assessing results, identifying problems and developing a radon response plan that can be executed by building personnel in concert with radon and HVAC personnel and at a price that fits their budget.  This course is of particular benefit for mitigation contractors called in after a survey, as well as radon professionals who conduct radon surveys in large buildings and are asked, “What Next?” The course consists of lecture, student interaction, field footage and a real-life case study.

C 324 picC-4-113 - Application of HRV/ERV's for Radon Reduction - $60.00 (CERTI-329)

Ventilation strategies for radon reduction are employed for a variety of reasons, typically when a traditional ASD or SMD system is not practical. But selling a ventilation job without being able to predict the expected radon reductions is tricky.  What happens if the radon levels don’t change as expected?  Are there comfort or energy considerations if the ventilation guidance of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.2 is exceeded?  Various methods of estimating the potential impact of increasing ventilation will be demonstrated.  This will give you the confidence to recommend a ventilation strategy when appropriate while providing the customer with meaningful estimates of the expected radon reduction. 

 8 CE Credits

NRPP 191C-8-105 - Canadian Radon Program - Mitigation (CERTI-320 / NRPP 191) - $110.00

This course includes a comparison of the radon mitigation standards and protocols between the US and Canadian Radon Program, including the differences in fan locations, discharge points, and consumer recommendations. This course is appropriate for Canadian Radon Measurement and Mitigation professionals as well as US radon professionals interested in understanding the Canadian protocols.

MMRC pic 200 x 257C-8-106 - Technical Review of Rn Meas and Mitig Techniques for Radon Professionals (CERTI-326) - $110.00

This course covers technical aspects of radon measurement and mitigation for residential buildings as well as schools and commercial buildings. It also encompasses techniques for fixing existing structures and design parameters for the incorporation of radon control systems during the construction of homes and large buildings.  

Sponsored by the CO Dept of Public Health and Environment’s Cancer, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease Grants program, this technical manual was developed utilizing over 30 years of experience that its authors and collaborators have had in dealing with radon in Colorado. The purpose for developing the document was to provide a technical resource for radon professionals, builders, engineers and architects allowing them to address radon in a logical and cost-effective manner.  Although it was written for Colorado, the techniques and approaches apply to radon wherever one may find it, which is why we have created this course for a wider application.

DK web slide 3C-8-107 - Incorporation of Rn Control Techniques in New Construction - 2020 (CERTI-503) - $110

This course revolves around a recording of a March 2020 webcast attended by members of several building departments and public health agencies.  You will be able to view and benefit from the live audience questions.  During the video you will hear the presentation and see the graphics as well as follow along and take notes on a downloadable guide for all of the slides presented.

The course is based upon the recently published Radon Technical Guidance: Measuring and Mitigating Radon in Colorado, which you will be able to download and use for this course.  It also serves as a reference for other radon related questions you may have.

The course also contains a video of field installation techniques to reinforce the lecture and additional resources and links to web based protocols and standards.

C-8-108 - Radon Challenges - Gnarly Tales from the Field - Part II (CERTI-8000) - $110.00

For those that enjoyed CERTI’s original Gnarly Tales the good news is that the series continues.  The bad news is that more weird and challenging situations continue to arise as measurement and mitigation professionals address radon in more and different situations.  This course delves into challenging situations that have been encountered and how they have been identified, diagnosed and successfully mitigated.  Included are cases where HVAC systems, weather, permeable soils, tight soils, complex foundations and other surprises have presented challenges requiring more in-depth investigations beyond simple “poke and hope” approaches.  The course is taught with the assistance of experienced radon professionals presenting real world cases-with solutions!  

 12 CE Credits

NRPP 1A bC-12-101 - Radon: Train the Speaker (CERTI-300 / NRPP 1A) - Discontinued Replaced with C-16-111 - Presenting Radon Programs (CERTI-327)

Enhance your business by providing real estate professionals, builders, or concerned citizens with professional presentations about radon. This course provides you with a PowerPoint Presentation that you can use (and adapt) for your own presentations as well as a full technical review for each slide to provide you with answers for typical questions and concerns from audiences. You also receive a comprehensive review of presentation techniques to enhance your skills as a public speaker. Students completing this course are eligible to be listed on the Radon Speakers Bureau on the NRPP and CERTI Web Sites.

NRPP 110 bC-12-102 - Radon Entry and Measurement in KARST and Tropical Climates (CERTI-312 / NRPP 110) - $155.00

This audio and video course deals with pressure driven entry of radon due to environmental factors found in structures constructed on karst or limestone formations as well as the effects of very tight buildings within tropical regions.

 16 CE Credits

RTM collage bC-16-103 - Radon Mitigation Technology (CERTI-308 / NRPP 59B) - $225.00

This course provides you with all the comprehensive information and audio of the entry level Mitigation Course, but with an abbreviated set of review questions. Students listen to the audio and complete the online review questions. Applicable for both Radon Measurement and Mitigation professionals.

NRPP 111 bC-16-104 - Radon Measurement & Mitigation in KARST and Tropical Climates (CERTI-313 / NRPP 111) - $225.00

This course is an extension of NRPP 110 - providing radon professionals with technical information and an overview of experiences in the measurement and mitigation of radon in tropical and karst conditions, including the differences involved in radon entry and effects of geologic formations.

NRPP 138 bC-16-105 - Basis for Promoting Radon Reduction in New Construction (CERTI-314 / NRPP 138) - $225.00

Recorded over a three day period in Washington DC, this program provides a comprehensive review of the "Why's" and "How-To's" of radon control techniques in new and existing homes. These video based presentations were presented by the nation's leading experts on radon health risk, mitigation techniques, as well as legal aspects and social marketing strategies. The completeness of this program delivered jointly by NEHA and the US EPA, makes it applicable to environmental health professionals, building officials, architects, builders, and radon professionals.

Course pic 200 x 204C-16-107 - Review of Entry Level Measurement - 16 CE (CERTI-321) - $225.00

This 16 hour CE course is a review of the new (2016) entry level measurement course. The video instruction and many resources provide a great way to review and refresh your understanding of radon measurement, QA/QC, devices, and business aspects of the profession.

RMP pic 274 x 251C-16-108 - Addressing Radon in Daycare Facilities, Schools and Large Buildings - 16 CE (CERTI-323) - $225.00

This course takes radon testing to the next logical step in developing a considered approach to addressing radon concerns that have been identified during a building survey.  Whether a survey involves a daycare facility, a school, or an administrative building, there is often a need, as dictated by the availability of resources versus the severity of the problem, to have a plan of attack.



Gnarly 200 x 126C-16-109 - Radon Challenges - Gnarly Tales from the Field - 16 CE (CERTI-325) - $225.00


This course goes beyond simply identifying radon measurement and mitigation challenges, but actually presents solutions using real life case studies.  It also demonstrates the use of diagnostic equipment to aid one in identifying a problem and provides downloadable tools that the student can use for estimating pressure drop in mitigation systems, air flow as well as the significance of a radon emanation source. 

Course Pic 2 250 x 176C-16-111 - Presenting Radon Programs (CERTI-327) - $225.00

Whether you are a radon professional or an environmental health professional there is a common need to provide accurate and constructive information about radon. CERTI’s new course Presenting Radon Programs is designed to assist individuals in delivering radon programs to a host of audiences from Real Estate professionals to builders and ultimately to the consumer. The course is based upon many years of experience that CERTI has had in assisting State Radon Programs in public outreach efforts and recognizing what has worked and what has not.  Included in the course is a 53 slide PowerPoint program licensed for use by those that complete the course. These are a set of executable slides that can be supplemented with the presenter’s information and adapted for locally pertinent conditions. They can also be pared down for shorter presentations or expanded depending upon the duration of a presentation.

24 CE Credits

RTM collage bC-24-102 - Radon Mitigation Technology (CERTI-307 / NRPP 59A) - $325.00

This comprehensive course includes all the comprehensive information and audio of the entry level Mitigation Course with a convenient alternative for obtaining all 24 credits required when you have both certifications. Students listen to the audio and complete the online quizzes. Applicable for both Radon Measurement and Mitigation professionals.

Course Pic 200 x 204C-24-103 - Review of Entry Level Measurement - 24 CE (CERTI-322) - $325.00

This comprehensive course includes all the comprehensive information and video of the new (2016) entry level Measurement Course with a convenient alternative for obtaining all 24 credits required when you have both certifications.