Webinars 155 x 107

Free Webinars

CERTI will be hosting free webinars where individuals can sit in and ask questions about opportunities growing radon industry. These seminars will be conducted twice a month and will cover the following topics with the ability of the participant to ask specific questions:

  • Conducting Radon Measurements at the time of home sale
  • HUD requirements for radon measurements
  • What’s involved in mitigating a home?
  • Incorporating radon systems in new homes
  • School and Office Building Testing and Mitigation
  • What do I need to get started in the radon industry?
  • What may be some typical equipment and start up costs?

Why Wait?

You don’t have to wait for these webinars to learn about these issues, just pick up the phone and call us at 800-513-8332. We are happy to talk to you at any time.

CERTI is an educational institution and offers no franchises or other products, which puts us in a unique position of offering objective information to support our future and current students.