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Entry Level Courses for Certification in United States

Courses leading to certificaiton in radon measurement (testing) and radon mitigation (installation of radon reduction systems).

All courses are NRPP approved (formerly known as NEHA NRPP)



RMO collage b

Entry Level Measurement

RTM collage b

Entry Level Mitigation

*Measurement course is a pre-requisite, if you have not previously completed an approved Measurement Course you can obtain both courses at a discount - Radon Mitigation Technology - Expanded Version


paper examCertification Exams - NRPP National Certification Exams are offered through PSI Lasergrade, which is a nationwide computer based testing facility.  Once you complete the entry level course(s) you are eligible to take the exam.  You schedule the exam by contacting them directly - 800-211-2754.  This is also the contact number to find the closest facility to you.  Instructions for scheduling the exam are included in the course instructions.

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Entry Level Courses - United States

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C-102 - Radon Mitigation Technology (CERTI-4000)

CERTI-4000 (Previously CERTI-2) Entry level course to ...

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C-101 - Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurement Course (CERTI-3000)

CERTI-3000 (previously CERTI-1) Entry Level course which ...

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