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♦     Mike said:  "This was an excellent course.  I went thru a different education provider during the initial licensing agreement but wish I would have known about this course then.  The level of content, supplemental resources, and the ability to go at my own pace was invaluable."   stars

♦     Alan said:  "I took this course to fulfill my continuing education credits and I'm glad I did.  There is simply so much information to remember and this course covers ALL of it!  I cannot say enough about the professionalism, completeness, and methodology of quizzes (which explain the answers gotten wrong so that you can learn from them!)"  stars

♦     Louis said:  “This was a great course. I appreciate the home page and that we can utilize this information even after completion. I really like the online course and the flexibility to complete the course. That works very well with my schedule.”   stars




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Entry Level Courses Now Approved in Illinois!

Individuals who want to become an Illinois certified radon professional must take these courses that are approved for Illinois Certifcation.

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New 8 Hour CE Course Now Available!

The saga continues in this new 8 hour Continuing Education course: Radon Challenges - Gnarly Tales from the Field - Part II, where we look at more GNARLY houses and situations.

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Exam Prep Courses now available to help prepare YOU for the NRPP Measurement and Mitigation Exams!

Individuals can now help to prepare themselves for the NRPP Measurement or Mitigation Exams by enrolling in our Exam Prep Courses. 

If you have already purchased the C-101 and C-102 Entry Level courses, these exam preps are already included in your digital library.

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Entry Level Courses Now Approved in New Jersey!

Individuals who want to become a New Jersey certified radon professional must take these National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) courses that are approved for New Jersey Certification.

For more information check out NRPP's and NJDEP's requirements.

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C-4-112 - Radon Response for Schools and Commercial Buildings (CERTI-328)

A school has had a radon survey done and found elevated levels, now what? Is it time to start drilling holes and running pipe?  Or is a follow-up investigation warranted to identify specific causes and perhaps more cost-effective approaches?  Large buildings, especially those with complicated HVAC systems offer challenges that are not found in homes.  On the other hand, they can also offer solutions. This course walks the student through a process for assessing results, identifying problems and developing a radon response plan that can be executed by building personnel in concert with radon and HVAC personnel and at a price that fits their budget.  This course is of particular benefit for mitigation contractors called in after a survey, as well as radon professionals who conduct radon surveys in large buildings and are asked, “What Next?” The course consists of lecture, student interaction, field footage and a real-life case study.

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C-16-111 - Presenting Radon Programs (CERTI-327)

CERTI’s new course Presenting Radon Programs is designed to assist individuals in delivering radon programs to a host of audiences from Real Estate professionals to builders and ultimately to the consumer. The course is based upon many years of experience that CERTI has had in assisting State Radon Programs in public outreach efforts and recognizing what has worked and what has not.  Included in the course is a 53 slide PowerPoint program licensed for use by those that complete the course. These are a set of executable slides that can be supplemented with the presenter’s information and adapted for locally pertinent conditions. They can also be pared down for shorter presentations or expanded depending upon the duration of a presentation.  Approved by both NRPP and NRSB for 16 CE Credits.

        Front Slide For Web Incorp Rn 300 x 200                                                                                                                                                                                

C-8-107 - Incorporation of Rn Control Techniques in New Construction - 2020 (CERTI-503)

This course revolves around a recording of a March 2020 webcast attended by members of several building departments and public health agencies.  You will be able to view and benefit from the live audience questions.  During the video you will hear the presentation and see the graphics as well as follow along and take notes on a downloadable guide for all of the slides presented.  The course is based upon the recently published Radon Technical Guidance: Measuring and Mitigating Radon in Colorado, which you will be able to download and use for this course.  It also serves as a reference for other radon related questions you may have.  The course also contains a video of field installation techniques to reinforce the lecture and additional resources and links to web based protocols and standards.  Approved by both NRPP and NRSB for 8 CE Credits.

MMRC pic 200 x 257

C-8-106 - Technical Review of Rn Meas and Mitig Techniques for Rn Professionals (CERTI-326)

This course covers technical aspects of radon measurement and mitigation for residential buildings as well as schools and commercial buildings. It also encompasses techniques for fixing existing structures and design parameters for the incorporation of radon control systems during the construction of homes and large buildings.  

Sponsored by the CO Dept of Public Health and Environment’s Cancer, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease Grants program, this technical manual was developed utilizing over 30 years of experience that its authors and collaborators have had in dealing with radon in Colorado. The purpose for developing the document was to provide a technical resource for radon professionals, builders, engineers and architects allowing them to address radon in a logical and cost-effective manner.  Although it was written for Colorado, the techniques and approaches apply to radon wherever one may find it, which is why we have created this course for a wider application.  Approved by both NRPP and NRSB for 8 CE Credits!

Gnarly 200 x 126

C-16-109 - Radon Challenges - Gnarly Tales from the Field (CERTI-325)

This course goes beyond simply identifying radon measurement and mitigation challenges, but actually presents solutions using real life case studies.  It also demonstrates the use of diagnostic equipment to aid one in identifying a problem and provides downloadable tools that the student can use for estimating pressure drop in mitigation systems, air flow as well as the significance of a radon emanation source.  Approved by both NRPP and NRSB for 16 CE Credits.

RMP pic 274 x 251

C-16-108 - Addressing Radon in Daycare Facilities, Schools and Large Buildings (CERTI-323)

This new course was presented at the 2017 Region 8 Annual Conference is a great new 16 CE hour course - This course takes radon testing to the next logical step in developing a considered approach to addressing radon concerns that have been identified during a building survey.  Whether a survey involves a daycare facility, a school, or an administrative building, there is often a need, as dictated by the availability of resources versus the severity of the problem, to have a plan of attack.  Approved by both NRPP and NRSB for 16 CE Credits.

Advanced Courses


CERTI is pleased to offer courses that are approved for AARST/NRPP Advanced Multi-Family Measurement and RRNC listings.  For more information click here.