If you are looking for reinstatement of your certification, please review the Reinstatement Policy (11/2021) below.

Measurement Certification Reinstatement:  For Measurement Certification only

Measurement a


NRPP Certification Reinstatement - Measurement

Mitigation OR Measurement and Mitigation Certification Reinstatement: For Mitigation only OR for reinstating both Measurement and Mitigation Certifications

Mitigation a


NRPP Certification Reinstatement - Mitigation


NRPP Reinstatement Policy - Adopted November 2021

Lapsed LESS THAN ONE YEAR from reapplication date:

Lapsed MORE THAN ONE YEAR BUT LESS THAN TWO YEARS from reapplication date:

Lapsed MORE THAN TWO YEARS prior to reapplication date:

NOTE:  If you previousy completed a CERTI entry level course, contact our office for instructions to access the course - 800-513-8332 (Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 4:00PM)