Student Frequently Asked Questions


What is a measurement provider?

A radon measurement provider conducts radon tests to determine radon and/or radon decay product levels within structures. The first step to becoming a provider is to get the appropriate training. There is much more to know about testing for radon than just following instructions and placing a test device. Training will provide you with the knowledge about radon, its health effects, the variability of readings and how readings can be affected by indoor and outdoor conditions, placement, and many other factors. It will also give you the knowledge and training to be able to interpret results and provide your clients with more than just a number.

What is a radon mitigation service provider?

A radon mitigation service provider installs mitigation systems to reduce the levels of radon and/or radon decay products within structures. Like the measurement provider, the first step is to get the appropriate training. Mitigation providers need to know all aspects of measuring radon as well as the practical and technical aspects of installing mitigation systems.

What do the CERTI training courses involve?

The "Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurement Course" is a home study course. The main instruction for the course is audio - organized in short audio tracks.  The audio tracks can be accessed from the course on the education site or can be downloaded to any portable device (mp3 player or CD) if you prefer.  You can access as many or as few audio tracks at one sitting as you like.  Each audio track corresponds to a page in the downloadable course manual with a review of the key points from the track.  The information is also reinforced with course quizzes that you take as you progress through the course.  These quizzes are designed to allow you unlimited access so you can review them as many times as you like.  The course also includes valuable resources such as videos, downloadable publications, and forms and contracts for your use in your business. 

There is approximately 20 hours of course work in the course.  There is no time limit to complete the course, and you continue to have access to the course resources even after you complete the course. 

If you prefer to have course materials sent to you, we can do this for an extra charge as indicated in the course description within the shopping cart.  The course materials include a binder with the course manual printed out and a CD with the audio tracks.  If you do purchase the course materials, you also have complete access to all the course materials online.

The "Radon Mitigation Technology - Expanded Version" is the complete home study course for radon mitigation. It includes both the Measurement Course (which is a pre-requisite to the mitigation course) and the mitigation course. The measurement course includes everything listed above. The mitigation course is in the same format as the measurement. In addition this course includes a field exercises that are tailored to fit your experience and comfort level.  The field exercises include the installation of a radon mitigation system and diagnostics.  This can be accomplished either with the student working on a job with a certified mitigator (that CERTI would arrange for you) who is not in your home town but within driving distance; or the student can install a mitigation system on their own home or the home of a friend and be mentored one-on-one by a CERTI instructor. Either option for the field exercises has proven to be a very valuable part of the training with students gaining experience and confidence.

These courses have been developed from the experience of over 20 years of offering a classroom course. The format provides you with the opportunity to complete the course at the pace your schedule can accommodate, as well as make sure you are provided with not only the technical aspects needed to become certified, but also the practical aspects of having a successful radon mitigation business.

With CERTI's extensive experience in conducting classroom courses and actually developing the radon certification program itself, the development of this home study format has proven to be extremely successful in providing students with the information in such a way that it is reinforced and retained. The passing rate for the certification exam for students using the home study has consistently been over 92%.

What if I have already completed an approved radon measurement course?

Students having previously completed an approved measurement course can register for the "Radon Mitigation Technology."

How long does it take to complete the course?

The measurement course includes approximately 16-24 hours of course work. Typically students take about 2 weeks to complete the course, but there is no time limit for completing the course. The mitigation course also includes approximately 16-24 hours of course work, plus the field exercises.

What are the steps for certification?

  1. Successfully complete an approved Entry Level Course
  2. Take and pass the national certification exams.
  3. Complete and return the Certification Application to NRPP (along with your Course Completion Certificate and Certification Fee

How do I take the Certification Exam?

For Continential United States - Certification Exams are available online throogh PSI Lasergrade throughout the nation.  To find the location near you and to schedule the exam you contact PSI Lasergrade directly - 800-211-2754.  The information for the exam name and sponsor are included in the course instructions of the course.

Outside Continental United States - Certification Exams can be given by a proctor and can be arranged directly through NRPP.

How long is the certification and how do I renew?

Certification is for two years. To renew your certification, you will need to complete continuing education (16 credit hours for one certification and 24 credit hours for two).  More information on CE Credits required.

How do I get continuing education?

CERTI is proud to be a leading provider of quality continuing education courses. These courses can be completed in a convenient home study format with a variety of topics to keep you current on topics within the radon industry.

Are there any state requirements for certification?

There are several regulated states that have their own requirements for certification. For a comprehensive list of regulated states and course approvals, click here.