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Over 50,000 Course Enrollments - and going strong!

The Center for Environmental Research and Technology Inc. is the leading educational resource for radon measurement, mitigation, and CE courses nationwide. CERTI was established in 1986 to fill the need for better, more convenient education for professionals, and has been in the forefront of radon education ever since. CERTI understands that all students learn differently. From our entry level courses to our continuing education courses, CERTI includes a variety of audio, visual, and live-taught course recordings to optimize the student experience and increase comprehension. Relevant content and industry-driven information is taught by Doug Kladder, lead instructor and founder of the Center for Environmental Research and Technology Inc. CERTI has also regularly collaborated with many industry experts to ensure the classes are effective and pertinent.

Our Valued Students

A Sample of the many excellent reviews and ratings from our valued students.

  • Excellent!!

"I really appreciate CERTI courses.  They are, by far, the best."

Karen Student

  • Excellent!!

"The course was direct but relevant. Perfect application for my busy schedule."

James Student

  • Excellent!!

"I enjoy these courses.  We all see difficult situations, but to see how you approach them is enlightening and educational."

Kurt Student

  • Excellent!!

“I love the ease of everything! I tried to use a competitor’s training this time to have something different from CERTI and thought I might save a few bucks. What a mistake that was! I was emailed a Word Document course and a Word Document Quiz four days after I paid. Was told that once I completed, I would be mailed my CE Certificate. Nothing was easy to access, and I had to wait four or five days for a response when I emailed a question I looked at it as a $170.00 lesson learned, and promptly came back here

John Student

  • Excellent!!

“I appreciate the enhanced review of the quiz questions, even when questions are answered correctly.”

Scott Student

  • Excellent!!

"Liked the content and amount of resources. Being able to access the information at any time will be helpful in tough situations!" 

Cameron Student

  • Excellent!!

“Get courses at CERTI. I send all my techs and inspectors to CERTI for Continuing Education because they are the best there is.”

Paul Student

  • Excellent!!

"I have been in business for over thirty years and I love taking these classes because I always learn something new."

Kevin Student

  • Excellent!!

“Have been using your courses for years, really enjoy the knowledge.”

Spencer Student

  • Excellent!!

"I've taken many CERTI and other providers’ courses over the years. I cannot remember a course being as useful as this one. The course provides varied valuable guidance on non-standard situations which measurement providers encounter often."

Gustavo Student

  • Excellent!!

"The course was informative and met my expectations.  I will take next year's four-hour continuing education class here as well."

Michael Student

  • Excellent!!

“Course was great for me. Trying to start up a company and do it the right way. Great learning experience.”

Dillon Student

  • Excellent!!

“This course was well put together.  Lots of valuable information as well as supplemental resources.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their education.”

Dominick Student

  • Excellent!!

“I love this course. It’s super informative, correct in data, allows me to do it at my own pace and is extremely beneficial to the overall knowledge of radon testing and mitigation! I’m extremely happy with my decision to use this course!”

Shane Student

  • Excellent!!

"Well paced course and good visual aides to help understand the information being presented."

Sue Student

  • Excellent!!

"Very Informative. I've been doing Radon testing for 20 plus years and thought I knew everything about Radon. I was wrong and I actually knew very little about Radon."

Roger Student

  • Excellent!!

"The only place I will ever go for additional training is CERTI. It's been six years and all of my courses and information are still in my same portal so that I can access and refresh myself whenever needed. As good as it gets."

James Student

  • Excellent!

"I took this course to fulfill my continuing education credits and I'm glad I did.  There is simply so much information to remember and this course covers ALL of it!  I cannot say enough about the professionalism, completeness, and methodology of quizzes (which explain the answers gotten wrong so that you can learn from them!)" 

Alan Student

  • Excellent!!

"This was an excellent course.  I went thru a different education provider during the initial licensing agreement but wish I would have known about this course then.  The level of content, supplemental resources, and the ability to go at my own pace was invaluable." 

Mike Student

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